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Sensible Solutions for Life's Crises

Legal Services

Our general-practice law office will help you explore and sort through today's increasingly complicated  legal challenges.  We offer a personalized, problem-solving approach that will help you address and prioritize immediate and long-range concerns.  We explain your options, based on the law, in understandable language so you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your family.

Note: Massachusetts law has changed over the last two years, impacting trusts, states, powers of attorney, guardianships and conservatorships. We recommend you review, and potentially revise, your estate plan.

Mediation Services

More and more people are discovering the advantages of private mediation over public litigation.  Conflicts can usually be resolved faster, more efficiently, and more affordably in our office rather than a courtroom.  In mediation, the parties control the issues and the outcome with the help of a mediator who controls the process.  Successful mediation often results in a more comprehensive and mutually satisfying resolution.  It can help resolve a wide variety of disputes including those between neighbors, business partners, family members, friends, employers/employees, landlord/tenants and more.

Serving As Of Counsel

Deborah Rudolf, Esq., is as of counsel in the Law Office of Susan L. Collins, Duxbury, MA.


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