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How it Works

Mediation is a process in which parties work with a neutral professional to develop their own solution to some conflict between them.  Mediation can help you resolve factual, emotional and legal aspects of your dispute. 

Mediation is completely voluntary.  If at any time the mediation process is not working for any individual, the mediation ends.

The cost of mediation is divided between the parties. Generally, but not always, the cost is split equally but this is dependent on parties' respective financial circumstances.  We offer a sliding fee scale.

What happens initially?

During your first call to our office, your general issues will be identified.  An appointment will be set up and preliminary information mailed to you.

At our first meeting, up to the first half hour will be spent discussing the mediation process in general and as it applies to your dispute.  You will learn what mediation is, I will learn more specifically what your issues are and we will determine whether mediation  would be helpful to your situation. You will then be given an estimate of the length of time to be spent on a mediation process based on the issues you have presented. 

By the end of this half hour, you will know if you would like to proceed.  If the answer is "no", there will be no charge for the meeting.  If "yes", the meeting will be included in the fee.

Can you represent me as my attorney if you are mediating my dispute?

No.  In mediation, each party has rights and interests that are in conflict.  A mediator's job is to facilitate a mutually agreeable solution while remaining neutral as to all parties.  A mediator does NOT provide legal advice.  An attorney's job is to represent the individual interests of one party.  Only an attorney, acting as an attorney and not as a mediator, can provide legal advice.


Representative Practice Areas

Will and Trust Disputes

Probate Accounting Disputes

Guardianship Disputes

Separation and Divorce

Custody and Visitation

Gay and Lesbian Family Partnership  and Dissolution Issues

Business Partnership and Succession Planning

Domestic Partnership and Parenting Planning

Consumer Complaints

Property Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Insurance Claims



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